As a queer non-binary southerner, I’ve spent years using my writing as a space to navigate my own identities, traumas, and interrogate biases of a boyish queer folk raised a southern bell(e). Creation is my savior; my central hope is to make space for more folks to find their own stories, representation, & belonging.

My writing pushes linguistic boundaries, centers queer narratives & navigates the meaning of place as means to create space outside societal borders & occupy space beyond others’ definitions. I seek to break the moments of definition, rejecting normative ideas of what can & cannot be embodied within an image, word, or poem. 

Breaking these definitions creates a space that lives outside the oppressive systems we are told we must be contained within. Once the container is broken, we create the potential to redefine our histories, our selves, & what is possible for us.

As the world continues to declare I am a living impossibility, I create my own possibilities through my individual art & collaborations with creators.

To share in
this creation with others is a radical act.