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Brody Parrish Craig (they/them) is a southern writer who upheaves expectations to open spaces for connection, unlearning & change. They are the author of Boyish, the winner of the 2019 Omnidawn Poetry Chapbook Contest, and editor of TWANG, a regional collection of trans, nonbinary & gender-non-conforming creators tied to the south/midwest.

BPC believes in the power of community, creativity and collaboration. They have hosted many writing workshops across various topics, from trans poetry to ekphrasis to creative writing for mental health and wellness. As an educator, they have taught writing to adults and youth alike in both academic and community settings.

Brody Parrish Craig's debut full-length collection, The Patient is An Unreliable Historian, exploring madness, harm reduction, and disability justice, is forthcoming from Omnidawn Publishing in Fall 2024.

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