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Online Poems
"SB 43" in Rise Up Review
"Take Me to the Fairgrounds or the Hospital"
in Diode
"germ-plasm"  in beestung
"How Glitter Was Invented" in just femme and dandy
"Thorazine at 10:00 A.M."
in Poetry Magazine
"In Danger (To Myself & Others)" in Sprung Formal
"Babylon" in TYPO
"Mad in America" in Stone of Madness Press
"Living on God's Dime"
in Muzzle Magazine
"Bible|Vers" in Hobart
"Chromosomes to Name the Wild" in The Rupture

Online Essays
“Mad Queer Magic” in just femme and dandy

"A Love Affair with They/Them/Theirs" in He She They Us: Queer Poems edited by Charlie Castelletti (Pan Macmillan, May 2024)
"Sonnet for the armadillo in the front yard" in Mid/South Sonnets edited by CT Salazar & Casie Dodd (Belle Point Press)
"In Texaco, Graffitied in the Bathroom" in Sto
newall 50, edited by Seth Pennington Published by Sibling Rivalry Press in 2019 (Out of Print)

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