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The Patient is an Unreliable Historian forthcoming October 2024

A poetry collection that questions the current construction of psychiatric treatment while speaking through lived experience and advocating for disability justice. Pre-order here!

"The Patient is an Unreliable Historian subverts everything we think about madness and what it means to be a patient. A beautiful, haunting, and tender lyrical memoir by Brody Parrish Craig." —Alice Wong, author of Year of the Tiger

"From the clinic to the prison cell, this book speaks through those abandoned or abused by systems of care. Craig’s words alight with a madness that has both the fervid imagination of a raveling mind and a lucid anger forged in struggle....Here, freedom is a covenant we make with one another—a promise “to keep / us each alive.”
—V. Jo Hsu, author of Constellating Home: Trans and Queer Asian American Rhetorics

"This book is not a memorial, it is a march."
—Canese Jarboe, author of SISSY


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